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Postcards form connections between people through messages of emotion as they travel in space and time. The Concourse of Messages is the union station where they come to life while waiting for departure, as well as bridging the virtual and physical world through an interactive multimedia experience.


An interactive installation by Shih-lien Yen, Daniel McNamara, Daniel Gower, Ming-huei Huang.

The digitizing process, compositing and animating, gives the postcards a new form of life. Through releasing the postcards from their clips, spectators help each card transcend worlds. When leaving our station, please take home with you a postcard and write to someone in your life, sending it on its new journey.


The act of inviting the spectators to take home with them a postcard and sending it to someone else, is a further step into the exploration of how we can extend the experience even after the spectacle has ended. The action of passing on a message, be it the text on one side or image on the other, not only is the extension of narrative, but also the bridging of minds. The designed experience of The Concourse of Messages reflects on the exchange of human-based parole and affections. We utilize programming as a means of communication, discovering possibilities of making contact with the audience, and thus generate the collaborative story, landscape, and world image.


Special Thanks(特別感謝):

Betty Yang Hu, Gordon Kurowski, Hillary Kapan, Jackson Campbell, Theotime Vaillant.


Previous stages of the transformed postcards and the project in development:

from yuiopio @ Växjö

from CJII  @Nara

from Bombos @Prague

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