Shih-lien (Eugene) Yen designs with moving imagery and various tactile surfaces. While dwelling in the world of digital media, he is most interested in utilizing mediatized art forms to revive the memories, emotions, and mysteries embedded within tangible objects from daily life. 


Artist Statement

I am from Taiwan, an island country of ambiguous political status and inner identity crisis. The macro history and society demand us to take sides but do not recognize us as individuals; hence I capture those that are close to me, and the micro moments we share. The archive of remembrance metamorphoses into experiences the public can also feel, and empathize. Through audience interaction, their virtual being/ghosts will continue to exist in people's minds.


My work often takes the form of animated portraiture or landscape structured upon hybrid mediums and gaming mechanism. They are reflections of a world in heteroglossia. At other times, they become the blueprint of a reality where making change through artistic expression is possible.

2018 Shih-lien Eugene Yen