REAWAKEN CASE is the anagram for: ** **** ******

Displayed here, are some elements from the ARG production for the world of INGRESS.


puzzle & quest design | in-fiction community management

narrative creation | motion graphics | ARG asset generation

swag designtabletop AR-RPG prototyping

the tessellation 2019 - 2020


A year-long investigation & global puzzle hunt.

13 Researchers v.s. 13 villainous versions of themselves from another dimension.

Mobilizing Agents across the world. Connecting player sub-communities.

visit januslaboratorium.com/tessellation to witness the final landscape completed by our Agents.

*realign the tiles below to get a glimpse of the investigation.



Over 100 puzzles created since the start of the Tessellation (2019.10).

Each puzzle points to either a specific location in the world or a key message to the next page of the story.


arg documents


props, swag, & in-app medals