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。5 heroes set out on their separate paths one day from their side of the world.

。Sew with me, la costurera, together we tell their unseen stories of revolution.

。Manuscript copies from María are released.

。Revolution tales don't always expose themselves in plainsight.

。To hear each hero's tale, you must first answer their question.

。The heroes all carried a placard with them, when combined, speaks their mind. 

。Final step: (ALL CAPS)

。inventory A

。inventory B。


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。Image steganography.

。All riddles are rhymes.

。Letters around the edges represent colors. 

。Match the letters to rule out the red herrings.

。Links will tell you who the heroes are.

。Pay attention to the perforations, what aligns, and the numbers in respective videos.

。The manuscript provides the formula.

。Name of Quest & center of all the happenings will help you unscramble the anagram.

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