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We are the composite of others. The individuals we encounter are not just themselves, but a combination of all that they’ve made connections with in life.


I am the Composite of You is a digital puzzle that discovers our social connections through deconstructing our faces. You can complete/alter the puzzle by repeated clicking. Triggered simultaneously, are multilingual recordings, and animations provided as hints to what they mean. These are the portraits and messages recorded from people of great significance to the artist. Re-construct our faces or linger in the cacophony at your will.

 by Shih-lien Yen

Special Thanks: ( in order of photos and recordings received time)

辜泳妍、張宸瀚、黃暐筑、Maria Fernanda Videla Urra、 黃茗慧、Jihyun Her、Melanie Waingarten、胡祐銘

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