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Guide: Scarlett Kim

。I continue to rewrite these LOVELETTERs as I travel through the lands of humans.

。There is only one way to enter our Sanctuary. Follow the letters to find out.


。1. Let my voice guide you. Headphones recommended.

。2. Listen and read closely to avoid the distracting trickery. 

。3. A key exists for every step. The shattered key, must be collected from every LETTER. The last key, requires several transformation.

。4. ALL the keys need to be forged with the legacy of Sejong.  

。5. View at highest resolution when possible.

。inventory A

。inventory B。


hover to view

。All keys are in Hangeul.

。The normal keys (for Inventory C, LETTER D, E, F) are marked with a glow and 'ding' sound.

。The shattered key consists of 47 bits (white shapes) spread across 6 LETTERS.

。Convert the shattered key to 18 bits: Use the shapes to group each set of bits into one jamo

。The d, t, k, g, r, l sounds are complex in Hangeul, pay attention to which jamo you use.

。Inside LETTER G: Compare the jamo to the romanization, then swap red for 0, white for 1.  Use the Bacon's Cipher.

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