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The CLiffside, 2010

“The Cliffside” tells the story of a newlywed couple starting a new life in an apartment of their own. In pregnancy, the wife came across a news report of an English family, shown to the audience in the form of video projection. The presumed images of the family is based on the true story of the Putticks, where the parents Neil and Kazumi Puttick jumped off the East Sussex cliffs after their beloved 5-year-old son Sam died of meningitis few days ago. The storylines of both families coincide as the newlyweds encounter a miscarriage. To find closure and consolation, the couple decides to visit the East Sussex cliffs. On the precipice, as the wife laid down a teddy bear, a tie, and a necklace, she quietly sobbed in the arms of her husband.


Besides being dedicated to the Putticks, the project also attempts to discuss the weight of life and one’s existence, moreover, how much you are willing to give, to change, for the ones that you care. We used the video projections as a means of representing the imaginations, dreams, and inner thoughts as the performance done in theatre stands for reality. The actors impersonating the Putticks are merely seen in the video projection until at the very end; the two appear in the home of the Taiwanese newlyweds and make their way toward a white door.

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